SOLAS Chapter III/20 – Operational readiness, maintenance and inspections
Resulotion A.761(18)
IMO MSC.1/Circ. 1328 – Liferafts Extended Intervals 30 months

Life rafts are provided as a life saving appliances on every sea-going merchant or passenger vessel in
addition to the lifeboats. The life raft must be capable of withstanding more than 30 days of sea exposure. A
hydrostatic unit must be fitted for auto inflation of life raft when the ship sinks. SOLAS and MED inflatable
liferafts, inflated lifejackets and rigid inflated rescue boats, inflated boats and marine evacuation systems,
which form part of vessel’s life-saving appliances, are required to be serviced at intervals not exceeding 12
months. And this annual servicing must be carried out by a service station which has been formally appointed
by the manufacturer of the approved equipment (cannot be opened by crew members onboard for inspection).

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