Immersion Suits – Lifejackets – Protective Clothing


SOLAS Chapter III/20 – Operational readiness, maintenance and inspections
SOLAS Chapter III/32 – Carriage of immersion suits
SOLAS Chapter III/36 – Instructions for on-board maintenance
Resolution MSC.81(70) as amended by MSC.200(80) -Testing of LSA
IMO MSC/Circ. 1047
IMO MSC/Circ. 1114

And special Flag Administration requirements.

Seams and closures of immersion suits and anti-exposure suits experience deterioration over time. The rate
and severity of deterioration may vary widely, depending upon the specific components and procedures
employed in the manufacture of the suit and the conditions under which the suit is stored. However, even
under ideal conditions, the materials and adhesives used have a finite service life and will inevitably
experience a reduction in strength and/or loss of watertightness with age. Monthly shipboard inspection of
immersion suits and anti-exposure suits as well as shore service by trained personnel are very helpful in
identifying obvious problems with a suit and address deterioration of seams and closures (zippers, etc.).

Our Role is to assist the Ship Operators in implementing the best Maintenance Program and follow up
anniversary intervals so that all equipment is in good working condition as necessary
*either for emergency event or for improving their Safety Management System along with the constant training
and updating of their crew onboard.

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